Thursday, January 29, 2009

three weeks tomorrow

i am beginning to get really anxious to go. three weeks from friday and i will be on a plane right now headed to meet everyone in d.c. then off to italy. i must admit...i am a little scared. but i think in a healthy way, i am so excited! i think i am mostly nervous about packing. i hate packing, i feel like i never know what to bring and always bring things i never wear and leave things i wish i had.

and i don't know how much to bring. i am traveling for a week and a half after and i need to somehow get whatever i can't travel with back to the states.

and i am trying to decide how much i want to spend now a photography equipment before i go. i would love to pick up a wide angle lense and a couple of filters, but it is all so expensive....

i have been doing a lot of research on italy, and reading rick steves europe through the back door. so i have been getting really excited. already know tons of places i want to go in italy for long weekends and tons of places in france i want to visit! but what i have been doing enough of is brushing up on my italian.

so i guess the leaving part and the traveling part are the exciting things and this trying to get ready to leave thing the overwhelming part.....

hum.....thoughts or suggestions please :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

a photographic note

the goal is not to change the subjects, but for the subjects to change the photographer

Thursday, January 15, 2009

plum cove

so one of my favorite projects was for plum cove elementary school in glouchester ma


so i have discover my love for these kind of illustrations

la radio

here are some old radio designs i did before i started seeing them everywhere...
but i am not sure what to do with them....