Thursday, February 26, 2009

wine, ceramics, and the dumo


hey friends, so i love italy!
i had riostto for the first time, amazing! we all go to a restaurant for lunch and dinner and have huge family style meals, and we often find ourselves saying everyone is our favorite! haha!

cappucino (milk and coffee) and a pastry is a daily staple to every good italian's (and currently mine as well) diet. gelato (which is supposedly better for you) is clearly divine.

i went to a farmer market this morning! have gone out for wine and snack on a couple of occassions. watched some huge soccer matches. walked in the surrounding hills. ran in the rain (only run so far....might need to get on that sooner or later)

the people here with me are great! every day something new is discovered. and everything is exciting.

i feel so blessed to be here!

i have been given an idea concerning photography.....i am going to become a minimalist. and instead of constantly shooting, shoot on specific occassions and not so much at first. when it comes to orvieto, i am going to be here awhile, so i am going to try and take in things, to get to know the place before i document it. so sorry for the lack of photos..... but hey, as the color come back in the land, orvieto will only become more and more beautiful.


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