Monday, March 9, 2009

settemana due

jungle jam

silas (matt, our director's son) celbrated his birthday a week ago, but they didn't tell him, so we just had his birthday....and it was a jungle party!

we dressed up as various animals, and face painted and enjoy company and food :)

as well as a little music!-i got to play drums with alessandro-i miss drums so much! and i loved it!

two trips worth noting: arezzo and roma

saturday a small group took a day trip to arezzo, a town to the north, about half way to florence. it is home of the famous pierre della francesca "true cross" fresco cycle. the town is larger than orvieto, and not situated on a hill. lots of beautiful medieval architecture, a park with a gorgeous view, oh some great shopping!

so here is the skinny:

train departs at 8:15 ish.....

first stop, an a little caffe for some capuccino and a second breakfast sandwich

then the church with the frescos, no photos allowed.... and we made our way up to their duomo...

while arezzo's duomo facade can not compare to orvieto, it was still beautiful with gorgeous stained glass and side chapel

then wandering in the crowded streets for a bit, stopped in some stores, got provisions at a open market and back to the park for the most perfect picnic lunch! wine, bread, cheese, prosciutto, and new favorite meal!
after a very long and satisfying lunch, time for gelato! blood orange and vanilla! yum yum!
some shopping and back on the train to orvieto!

roma trip due
some beautiful churches!

and the trevi fountain for a moment

and a walk back to the train at dusk

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