Monday, March 23, 2009

venice and bologna....

(3-20 thru 3-22)

very early morning....and long train rides, picnic on the train...and some spillage in a bag, but we make it and step out of the station onto to the windy platform on the edge of the canal, sun beaming and sea in the air....

a forty minute walk across town, good thing jake is extremely good at directions, we enter a little piazza and see our into a snag with the rooms, thinking that we could just put all six of us into the triple we booked was a bad idea....but we dealt with it and spent two night in the top of a gorgeous hotel with a great view, the nicest bathroom i've seen thus far, and in the very heart of venice, right off the canal.

we take some time to chill then set out at dusk to explore, we stumbled onto the piazza di san marco.....which is gorgeous!
we pretty much got roses forces apon us, and jake bought them....what a guy :)
then we wandered and found ourselves on the rivalto bridge, with a view over the canal all lit up at night!
from there we found a cheap pizza place were i got one of my new favorite kinds of pizza--a little crispy thin crust, sause, light cheese and zuccini and pepper that had been grilled in olive oil.

back to the hotel for some drinks and a movie to relax and head to bed

woke up to the best breakfast i have ever had in a hotel! i ate so much food! yogurt, granola, fruit, pastries, nutella, sweet breads, eggs, teas, juice, cappuccino's with smily faces on them!

then we went back to san marco, went in for a bit, walked around the piazza, took some pictures, people watched, fed the of jakes head....good times

jumped on a gondola to cross the canal....a nice long walk found a place for a quick bite then into the guggenhiem!
what a cute italian gondola man! haha!

i loved the guggenhiem! favorite museum thus far!-it was a modern art collection, with gorgeous gardens--i don't have my notes with me so i will try to add some about it later...

from there...walked for a bit, some napped, some journaled....
we adventured out again that evening...back to the rivalto market, got a gift for my sister.....and a yellow scarf for me.....had a little picnic with jess and heather---yum yum...a third of a block of mozzerella, some bread and a tomatoe, back to san marco piazza to meet up with the boys, then we went on a gondola ride!!!!

back to the hotel to chill before an early morning forty minute walk to the station to bologna....(the time of that walk being 6:20 am)

we got to bologna and walk up the street to a large piazza, went into a museum to see the morandi exhibit--one of matt's favorite artists--check him out.

then we headed over to a nice restuarant for a long and relaxing meal....yum yum!

after that we walked to the far end of town and found a gorgeous park to lay in, soak up some sun, take fun pictures and drink wine!

pizza waiting for us and goodnight!

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Doug Eubank said...

Just read it and looked at the Pictures... I love the one when your on the bridge with the town lit up. That's so beautiful.