Thursday, April 23, 2009

cinque terre

some rain at first .... a little colder than expected... specially at the campsite at night..... haha!

but all in all, cinque terre is beautiful!

so this fogging rain was saturday morning.... this is the town monterossa
hiked two hours from monterossa to vernazza
took the train to the riggamorre so jess could see the first two since they were close together before she left
some graffiti
a sweet view looking toward the monterola
monterola was gorgeous, the sun came out and we had a picnic lunch by the water, then walked up a path and found a bunch of cute old ladies doing watercolors! it made me miss water color so much! i can't wait to find some time to get back into it :)

jess and me :)
back to some solitary hiking and some great views!

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KristenG said...

abs....i was at these exact how i wish i could come hike it with you. i loved that town. so pretty.....haha...let me know if you go back b/c i'm still kicking myself for not buying this one tea pot in this little shop in vernazzia :) hehe
love you girl