Sunday, April 26, 2009

florence for culture week

so jake, josh x2, erin and i went to florence on friday (april 24th) to see everything we missed the first time... ambitious!

and everything was free! i love culture week!

so we got there...grabbed a coffee...

and went to our first stop, Palazzo Pitti
the only modern piece we ended up seeing....but it is awesome!

we went there on a whim because josh had a friend that recommended it.
so we went for the modern art...which was not modern a huge disappointment...then we stumbled into the museums HUGE gardens!
we were there an hour and saw maybe a third of it! i can't wait to go back and have a picnic, play soccer and frisbee.... i can't wait :)
and go biking....because we ran out of time to do that.... stink

so here are some pictures from the garden....because it was amazing!

i like shadows.....and feet pictures.... :)
erin and me :)
the trees here were gorgeous!
how sweet is the slant of the steps!
jake hates this i thought i should put it up....

so then we went borgello to see donatello's david
and we were all artsy and stood around discussing the statues and the piece submitted for the competition for the gates of paradise on the bapistry

then the academia to see mich's david and unfinished slave statues
the unfinished statues were amazing, it was really as if these figures were breaking free from the rock that encased them

then we ate and ran....

then waited two hours talking to a lovely older couple from canada...then the Uffizi...which was cool to see some of the pieces, but really as a whole was not impressed with the uffizi's treatment of work, the lighting and encasing of the images made them hard to see....

but then we headed back to orvieto..... to see charlie :) my favorite pizza man!

goodnight spoon!

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