Sunday, May 31, 2009

first two weeks of travel writing

i know i haven't blogged since this last class started...
but i love it, i am just writing sketches about orvieto, places people.
i think it is the best closure for my time here. which doesn't seem real that i only have two short weeks left in orvieto.
I went out for jakes and laurens birthday and that was a lot of fun, we got gelato after and I had peasca (peach) and yogurt and it was delicious! We just layed on the steps of the duomo and talk and ate for a long time, laying looking up at its massiveness
Made crepes for the first time with lauren…we might of had six each...I love crepe!

Kiwi gelato is pretty amazing…

I suppose that is all for now… i will try to write a little more detailed later...

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