Friday, May 8, 2009

roma zoo!!!!

amazing trip!
started by me of course almost missing it by being woken up five minutes before we were leaving on the 6:50am train...

we left early so we could go to Caravaggio's matt cycle which we missed the first time because of restorations....

but first stop was at matt's favorite/the best coffee and croissant (and one of the least expensive) in rome! cafe farnese

then to campeo di fiore--my favorite saturday morning market! let me just saw the red pears there are amazing!
to the best bakery! such amazing bread and pizza! i love it! i can't remember the name...i will look it up later...

then the stop at the black hole to the programs finances....the art store....Ditta G. Poggi
which, and art store is truly one of the most dangerous stores to go into...i had to exercise extreme restraint! but i can't wait to stop back in!

sorry....i realize there are no pictures...i am going back to these i will post pictures of them later

then to the paintings we left at that early hour for--the St. Matthew Cycles!

i used to not think i was a croissant person....but my mind is changed! haha!
and since starting portraitpaint, i feel like, just as i did in drawing, a heighten ability to expanded vocabulary in which to both create and look at art--the use of color--the choices our eyes make, the building up of an image--sculpting it in a way, the proportions and the choices in distortion, the light and color of the skin in context with what is around it.... the choice of the artist, what that says about them, about the subject...
i am enjoying looking at art more and more as i learn more about creating it!

both painting and drawing are teach me what it is to really see and sit with something and begin to understand both it and something about yourself in the process...teaching me to look deeper than a snapshot... it amazing to start looking around with a heightened sense! i am beginning to see all sorts of things i never saw before!

"the calling of st. matthew" is one of my favorites of caravaggio! i remember studying it in art history, memorizing that flash card! haha! that was the is the afternoon....

from there a long and lovely walk to the Borghsee (sorry i know that is spelled wrong) Gardens which are right next to the zoo to hang out and have a picnic before the zoo...

roanin eating pringles....

the yummy bread (white pizza--bread with oil, salt, and pepper yum!) from the bakery
matt cutting up the tomatoes...i am techincally just out of this picture slicing the cheese to go with the tomatoes and bread
us after the eating, hanging out
playing airplane with roanin :)

after clean up and getting yelled at for picnicing in the "dog area" of the park byan angrey italian woman we head back up to the path and to the zoo!

ok so, the zoo....i love zoos! but, in all honestly the roma zoo was a little disappointing...the zoo was nice, nice cafe, nice walking paths, but not nice was the variety/selection of animals and more so the animal habitats :(

but it was still fun, and they had giraffe's :)
really cute monkey second favorite animal
it was a great day... lots of walking, gorgeous weather.....well except for the twenty minutes it downpoured while we were in the zoo! haha! but we were close to an arch, so we didn't get too wet

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