Sunday, May 31, 2009

the last weekend in may: perfectly lazy

le weekend:

this weekend i enjoyed the first watermelon of the summer, a four of watermelon for four euros... worth it!

I spent most of friday reading, it was lovely, and I almost finished an amazing book that everyone should read. it a story of one man making a difference in the world, Greg Mortenson's transformation from mountain climber to humanitarian-- building school for girls in remote villages in Pakistan, it is about how he became beloved by these people, became one of them, about the roles he also played back home as husband and father, and raising support for the organization.
anywho.....i rattle endless how his story has inspired me and strengthened in me a heart of the middle east, an interest in their culture and the religious sects that separate them.

all in all..... read it.

I went to lake bolsena was a lot of fun, not a big sandy beach, actually a small rocky one, but we still had a lot of fun playing frisbee, kicking a ball around/ volley back and forth. a lot of time spent laying around, had a picnic lunch, walked to get some ice cream and cokes, read a bit, mostly just talked, swam to a ridiculously far away buoy...

headed back to the monastery, on the way we stopped at this little rest area that had an amazing view of orvieto, so of course we stopped to pose and photography and just soak it all in

that night i made crepes again....they are one of my new favorite food groups! i am so glad to be going to Paris and eat the original crepes!!!

then there was an sort of weird medieval horse racing games involving reaching up grabbing flags and throwing them into buckets in piazza del popolo, it was pretty amazing, everything was open, vendor dressed in period costume and it seemed the whole town showed up for it.

after a while i wandered by myself taking some night shots using film.

Today has been the perfect lazy rainy sunday one could ever ask for! the morning spent partly chatting in the kitchen over delicious biscotti cookies and reading and writing before the Pentecost activates...
involving sending a dove in tube flying along a cable from a tower to the duomo, it was a very big ordeal and involved elaborate costumes. then back to the monastery with take out from Charlie’s--pear and gorgonzola pizza!

back to norah jones and my travel wiring piece...

sooooo there was weekend. i rather liked it


oh and again…pictures to come…

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KristenG said...

sounds like a fun weekend :) hope your paper writing went well....when is the home stretch, is it coming up? miss you! love kris